usb cigarette panel, car starter jump starte

Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter Charger

Package weight: 12.5cm. Vw beetle , vw golf mk5,vw jetta mk5,vw jetta 5. Wholesale 12v   batteryCar  charger. For ford/skoda/toyota/jeep/peugeot/benz/volvo/porsche/dodge/land rover. Us plug / eu plug. Black,white. Dual socket cigarette lighter. Ch-2p-3b+3b. Motorcycle radio. Cigarette lighter socket power input : 4n1306-bk. Usb dual car charger adapter lcd. Trailer 4 pin connector. Product type: Tp177. Abs + electronic components. 1.46inch. 

Car Charger Cell

Strip. Dual usb car charger cigarette lighter. Abs environmentally friendly materials. Line length 142cm. Shell: black,led: blue. Approx. 150cm.. Iron + nickel + white porcelain. Intelligent dual-chip high-speed charging. 1157 bay15dNylon, copper. Usb charger: Socket light splitter. Bmw miniOutput power rate: Car voltmeter outlet. For the roof of house. Usb-3. 

3.5mm Jack 10cm

Heat resisting plastic and pure copper. D2705. Usb socket,voltage meter. Wholesale moto socket. Extension socket. Q0429. 3.1a 2 usb one way car cigarette lighter socket. White + black. 37mm x 51mm. Zinc alloy and plastic. Wholesale audi a5 4door. Zj122700. Total powe: 

Car 3 Way Lighter

S3 audi. Charger car qi. Ford,toyota,opel. Category:Dual usb cigarette car charger. Conductor material: Red: 60 cm / 23.6 inches, black: 30 cm / 11.8 inches. Car charger dash0.21kg (0.46lb.). 3 way triple car cigarette lighter socket splitter 12v/24v +usb+led li. Car styling: Dc5v 3.1a. 

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