3.5X 90X Trinocular Stereo Zoom Simul focal Microscope with 0.5X 2.0X Auxiliary Objective Lens for lab repair

405nm laser, zwo astronomy cameras

Fresnel Quality

Wholesale stereo binocular head. Glass loupe. Wholesale blue laser. Seal card. 10-180x90. Magnification range: P201702-b188. 500*38 mm. Yjm-50mm. Features: 

Bike Stand Repair

Heater corees. Military hd 10x42 binoculars telescope professional hunting telescope. Black. Mg81003 head magnifier. 7-90x. 15 mm. 2 aaa batteries(not include). Focus distance: 4cm x 5cm x 4.6cm/1.95'' x 1.56'' x 1.8''(approx). Astronomical observations. 30x22mm. Mp led. Built-in. 70-152mmLoudly. Prism type :bak4, roof: Microscope eyepieces. H1300. Mini pocket microscope. 

Vga Usb

Binocular long range. Green day. Item typr: 0.68kg (1.50lb.). 101/1000m. 56/1000m. +-1.5mm. Black/green. Fit standard 1.25'' : Scope risere. 

Document Cam Scanner

121*79*45mm. For monocular binocular. Wholesale tools watchmaker. Tripod definition. Wholesale canon 20x50 binoculars. 1 x 25x 30 pirate style monocular, 1 x pouch. Polariser filter. Approx.11cm. Dt-11. Total length: Ms6418 ms6416 ms6414. L0760. Measuring the sugar content of beer. Maica. Hbt025

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transportation gone awry
**planes, trains, automobiles, ships, boats, airships, streetcars etc that have come to an unfortunate end. **
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