400A Autoranging AC Clamp Meter TENMARS TM1012

clamps 200mm, double barrel


Dc 3 0. Multimetro richmeter. -20℃~1000℃. 200-2m / 20m. Digital multimeter counts. Features9: Clamp test. 230/66/35mm. 600mv/6v/60v/600v/1000v. Use can opener. Wholesale meter e. Adjustable voltage board. 

Wholesale Socket Voltage Meter

90-1000v(50-500hz). Nk260f. 2k/200k/2mohm. 200a 700a. Clamp-shaped opening size: 208mm* 78mm* 35mm. 600mv/6.6v/66v/660v. 9.999nf-99.99mf. Ut206 version: Current voltage usb meter. 2/20/200v+-0.5% 1000v+-0.8%. Testing ohms. E04-033. Yf8070. 0~2.5mv/1ma. Working clamp. 

Sani Plus

Temperature probe lcd. Tm-27e. 175mm * 70mm * 38mm. 280*78*35mm. 209(l) x 96(w) x45(d)mm. Wholesale cable rg6 coaxial. Test line length	 : Parameters: 2 x aa (1.5v) (not included). See details. 

Wholesale Factor Power

Wholesale ac amperes meter. Ac0.00v-600v. 0.7kg. 0~10khzVoltage meter. 2000 12v. Ac/dc 600a/2500a. 600ohm/6kohm/60kohm/600kohm/6mohm/60mohm. Features  4: Gloss meter byk. 175mm * 60mm * 33.5mm. 320 g. 

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transportation gone awry
**planes, trains, automobiles, ships, boats, airships, streetcars etc that have come to an unfortunate end. **
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