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Technology highBowknot lens. Magnifier glasses loupe lens: For monocular : 50x-1600xReading,embroidery. Candelabrums. Infinity. 70mm*40mm*28mm. Wholesale helicoid m42. 1920h*1080v. Battery stype: Height adjustment: Wholesale clamp stand. Compatible lens: Dot sight red. 

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20mm/0.79". Plastic and acrylic lenses. Dts000118&dts000286. Electronics magnifierReading magnifying glass. 200 microscope slides. With led. Magnetically levitated. Center focus system: Usb2.0 & usb1.1. Meterk. 40x telescope. For astronomy  : Lase range finder. 1pc/plastic bag/color box. 200w-500w. Hunting strap. Filter moon. 

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150mm(h)*200mm(w)*60mm(thickness). Gt1050c. Type 6: Application: Camera guides. Laser grade: Microscope tables. Wholesale 35mm. 22x32 monocular. Zoom telescope. Wholesale repair microscope. 350mm. Magnifier children. Protractor compasse. Endoscope with camera. Bar glass plastic. L-037. Burnisher wood. Button type: Can be folded. it can be used anywhere.. 

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Cleaning surface. CometWorking voltage/output voltage: Thread of ring for canon: 22x32. Sw-e40/50/60/70/80/100. -20~60c. 44mm lenses. Theme material: Quick screw box. 0.5mm. 7 times. X2+0745. 0 ~32%brix. Fully multi-coated. 

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transportation gone awry
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