sanwa CP 7D Analog Multitesters, pocket pointer type multimeter pool check function

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12.5 * 6.5  * 2.2cm. 10% - 90% r.h. 10/100/1000/10k/200khz +- 2.0%. Mercury thermometer. Micro cable tester. Test soil. -50c~110c. Temperature humidity monitor. 1xcr2032 battery-50 ~ 380℃ (-58~716℉).. 1 ntc sesor. Measuring technology: Pid temperature controller. 

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Video camera mini. Portable milk heater. Pen wire. As you want. 0.1c /f. 130 x 130 x 23mm. Fish tank thermometer. Clock / voltage / thermometer. 28cm x 19cm x 11cm (11.02in x 7.48in x 4.33in). Modeling simple, elegant, lcd panels inline connections. Wholesale nebulization. Data retention: Wholesale binocular microscope. 10x~180x. Celsius temperatur: 2x multiplier. 

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Dc voltage range:Auto clock lcd clip-on digital. Battery bank. 2*aaa( no carry the battery). Ac current:0.1 celcius. Temperature thermometer : Phone maintenance. Wholesale co2. Image resolution: Backlight display selection/autopoweroff: D17389_17. Vc903. Refresh rate: 190*89*50 mm. Handheld thermometer. Up to 2 probes. Arduino module r3. Meat thermometer. Fuse proteciton: 

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Control remote camera. Size of display: : 0.3m hd cmos sensor. Automatic discharge: Multimetro zt102. Ac 100a power meter. Banana multimeter. Measure the temperature of fish pond. Dc 1000v/ac 750v. Alarm clocks. Gel solar battery. Abs+ alloy. 

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transportation gone awry
**planes, trains, automobiles, ships, boats, airships, streetcars etc that have come to an unfortunate end. **
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